A Global Perspective on Metaliteracy

Nowadays, there are a lot of different misunderstandings and stereotypes associated with all kinds of issues. For example, in the Topic 3.2, Islam is always misunderstood by people. Thinking and learning in a global perspective on metaliteracy, you will be the information producer and change your wrong perspectives.

In the first video of Topic 3.2, students in elementary started to learn in a global perspective on metaliteracy. At the beginning, they all more or less have some misunderstandings about Middle East base on their limited previous knowledge and then they got involved into many types of activities to learn about Middle East.  They watched and thought about a movie called Santa Claus in Baghdad, Teachers would ask their different questions about the movie. Also, students got very unique opportunities to meet the director of the movie they watched and ask questions about the film making process and his experiences growing up in Middle East. To continue to explore the commonality, the school filmed students’ videos and shared with their pinpal friends. Through the fruitful partnership, an innovated learning environment is created.

Metaliteracy makes people all over the world communicate with each other, and exchange their ideas. Now, students are also the media producers and consumers. I still remembered since I came to America, I posted some pictures and videos about my life here,  I learned a lot of new things about America and my friends changed their ideas of America through my sharings.

People are easy to access different sources of knowledge and exchange ideas with others through meatliteracy. We will shape our perspective and gain knowledge not just only through traditional teachers’ lecture. Now, we are able to get ideas by our own research and as well as from other learners’ sharing.


The Metaliterate Learner

How have social and technological changes influenced the various domains and roles of students?  Are there more or fewer roles and domains today, or has there been no change?  Do you feel that students are better off today than they were 50 years ago?  Why or why not

Students in this society is not just a learner. The advanced interactive technology makes students participate more in the studying process. Students now not just attended the lecture and learned the knowledge, but also have more other roles in the studying process. First, students will join in a lot of researches. Students now won’t just learn knowledge for the instructors. They need to gain knowledge from their own research through library, virtual materials. Also, students will participate in all kinds of discussion and work in a team. Students also need to shape their own knowledge and share ideas with others in the class or even on the social media platform. Students now are not just students. They could even be others’s instructors!

There are definitely  more roles and domains than before. As I mentioned above, students is not just learning knowledge from the traditional way. They need to do more research to gain their own knowledge and affect others.

I think students are better off now because students before were learning passively. Now through information literacy, students can cultivate their own knowledge system and unique way of thinking. In this way, knowledge will really belong to the students and process the knowledge in a new level


What metaliteracy means to me

I am attending a information literacy class now.

This new century is all about information. People receive information from all kinds of resources. However, too much information may not be such a good thing. Your email will be filled with junk information. I feel painful when I cannot pick up useful information.

Metaliteracy promotes critical thinking and collaboration in a digital age which can help us filter out the junk information. Through studying information literacy, I hope I can learn the way to do research more efficiently and develop a great way for myself to organize information.

In this age, students seem to have more work to do. Before, students just needed to do some paperwork and readings. However, we need to deal with all kinds of materials online or offline. Sometimes, it is easy for people to organize so many things. For me, I just forgot to post my blogs. I hope it won’t affect my grades. Overall, students are better off now because today we are easily accessible to knowledge. Also, due to the social media, students can discuss with each other very easily.